Your Brand Identity Needs A Revamp & Here’s Why!

First things first, lets confirm what we are referring to when we talk brand identity

Your brand identity is the face of your company. 

It is a visual representation of your brand, intending to be an identifier, and ultimately remembered through a visual or colour.

Every company has a unique identity, this is an element that is considered when listing continuously successful businesses. 

As time goes by, it is normal to experience and outdated identity, but how does one reflect on their brand to know whether this applies? 

The truth is, when your brand needs a revamp, you just know it. 

Remember, this does not always mean, change your identity completely, but rather, bringing it up to speed to this fast paced digital world. 

Here are possible 5 reasons your brand identity probably needs some spice.

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1. Overcomplicated brand identity.

The newest design trends, found in logos have a few things in common.

Those similarities are : simple, minimalistic and memorable.

If your brand identity is complicated and not straight to the point, my friend, it’s time.

Clarity, and being sharp, are characteristics of a preferred brand identity.

It is important that the audience does not get confused by the complexity.

Surveys are a good way of putting things into perspective, from the view of your average person .

It is possible that you do not see that your brand is represented in a complex way, because it is simple to you.

2. Competitors have updated their identity.

Don’t obsessively stalk and copy every move, your competitors make.

It is, however, important to stay in the loop, don’t get left behind.

If you notice a few of your competitors switching things up, it may be a sign to re-evaluate your own brand.

The digital space has allowed brands to exist online.

This presence is important and is usually where a potential client would check to do some research and as the saying goes, first impressions matter.

With this being said, your identity is not an element that should be brushed off, it is a crucial tool.

3. The identity crisis.

If your brand identity appears similar to that of another company, it might not be a bad idea to revamp, even if it’s a simple as switching up the main colour.

You are not doing your brand a favour by it being mistaken for another, especially brands of the same industry.

Your identity, is the ultimate first impression.

If your image doesn’t match the services provided, it may be an easy “turn-off” for your audience.

Be clear, and be intentional, “the identity crisis” is easily avoidable with research and visual creativity.

4. Your online and offline branding don’t align.

Consistency, is a key factor that every successful brand abides by.

Online and offline are not exceptional differences, consistency should still apply.

Many companies rely on online sales and connections, so your digital presence reigns supreme, in marketing today.

It is important to always keep that in mind, especially under the case of a brand identity re-design.

Alignment of online and offline presence has a strong connection to the first point, a complicated brand identity.

If your identity is simple, this problem will not exist in the first place.

5. Your audience has changed.

This actually happens.

Your target audience can indeed, shift.

Advertisements may appeal to an “unintended” group, which is probably the group that is most likely to but the product.

Your target audience changing has a lot to do with the growth of the digital world, it is easy to loose track, given the speed.

If you notice your target audience changing, it may not be such a bad idea to consider an identity re-design to ensure that your market research analysis is spot on.


You don’t always need a “justified” reason to switch up your brand identity, sometimes you just want your brand to stand out a bit more.

A brand identity re-design requires you to communicate this change with your audience, no one likes to experience confusion.

If you can relate to the mentioned points, what is the worst that can happen if you revamp your brand?

Sometimes a fresh brand identity is all you need to get you excited about your brand again.

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