Women empowerment in digital media

The digital industry is tremendously evolving and the industry has seen more women stepping up in a male dominated world. 

This has been prevalent especially in Africa as more women are taking over the tech world. 

The industry has become overwhelmingly competitive especially between men and women. 

However women have taken the challenge and with a growing percentage of women being introduced in the industry there is definitely progress in empowering women in the digital industry.

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Women taking over digital

History has proven how relevant women are within society and in previously male dominated industries. 

Today women implement their knowledge and experience in their daily roles as leaders in the digital industry. 

Although there aren’t a lot of women but there are some women such as Karen Blackett who are making their mark in the industry. 

Karen is the CEO of MediaCom that is one of the country’s biggest media agencies in the UK. 

The 43 year old has become the first businesswoman to top the Black Powerlist in 2015.

 Blackett being so passionate about getting young women into the digital industry and she launched an apprenticeship scheme at MediaCom for disadvantaged young people who want to get into the media industry.

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She was the first businesswoman to top the Black Powerlist in 2015, which celebrates the most influential people of Africa and African Caribbean heritage in Britain.

Blackett hopes that Powerlist foundation that goes out to schools will inspire students to consider different career opportunities and to find role models that they aspire to be in the future.

This initiative will help top African Caribbean undergraduate students in providing the necessary resources and support to develop their skills in their respective careers.

The programme is a 3 day meeting or seminars and students get to network with influential speakers who are expects in different career fields.

Blackett is a perfect example of women who are working towards empowering other women in an industry that is mostly dominated by men.

She truly is a great advocate for women who are working towards being respected and well known for their work within the digital space.

She fought against the odds and has continued to rise despite the challenges of being a woman that had to contend with her male counterparts for 20 years.

As we celebrate women in the month of August, we acknowledge the work of women such as Karen and we are looking forward to seeing more women who are working towards taking over the world.

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