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August is women’s month in South Africa, a time to celebrate the precious beings that have ever graced this world. It is not a secret that we are better beings,whether of male or female specie because of our mothers (women). Even though this is a month allocated to honor their contribution to giving birth to a legacy i.e presidents, innovators and doctors of this world, we should do it each day, month, year and lifetime, for a month is not adequate enough to celebrate them.



In the past women were limited to the corners of the kitchen and their role was to just be home makers. The world of innovation and business was for the men, hence the phrase “it’s a man’s world”. Over the years women the world over have fought for a place outside the kitchen, and they have made huge progress in that fight against being limited on what they can do. The introduction of affirmative action in South Africa has seen women  assume roles of power in the corporate world and the so called men’s world. Certain sexists would still stick to phrases like ”ya etwa ke tshadi pele eya ka lewa” which translates that if a woman leads,things fall apart. I differ with the phrase for many houses are headed by women and they have produced strong men and women who have contributed majorly to the economy.


The women of substance in the digital space

Laura Jordan

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There is a pool of women who have made a name for themselves in the digital space and  their work has been terrific to an extend that they are well sought after. A Woman like Laura Jordan who is the president of D&AD, has been labeled as a digital female icon for her creativity and seeking to change the digital marketing sphere for the better. She is a thought leader in the digital marketing field and she is on a mission to change the face of creativity in the ever changing and growing digital world. To read more about Laura visit:http://www.theguardian.com/media-network/media-network-blog/2014/feb/22/dand-creativity-digital-marketing-laura-jordan-bambach

I know many people are not for affirmative action, as they feel it’s an opportunity to place incompetent individuals in top positions, but that is not true. On our shores we have a great woman who is epitome of hard work and determination, and she is at her rightful place with competence and results to back her up. That woman is:

Khanyi Dlomo

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Khanyi Dlhomo ,a Harvard business school MBA graduate and founder of Ndalo Media which has taken the media world by storm. She has is named as one of the top  business women in Africa,a woman of substance who is not driven by fear. Ndalo media’s  founding base is print media and it has been making waves in the print world through magazines like destiny and destinyman which offer a reader more than just a fashion spread but much more like guidance and mentorship. With Khanyi’s knowledge of business,she decided to  move  into the digital space following the “now” trend of digital,which was a calculated move on her part. She has steered the company to its success by introducing the online magazines like www.destinyconnect.com and www.destinymanconnect.com together with an award winning blog called www.saasawubona.com which is targeted at the travel lovers, and it can be viewed online as more people prefer to do things online using their mobile devices. She continues to make strides in theAfrican media world. Visit: http://www.bizcommunity.com/PressOffice/AboutUs.aspx?i=123616 to read more.



The role of women in our society is far much greater and goes beyond motherhood,” wifeyhood” and the four corners of the kitchen. They are versatile and a much greater part of our society and the economic growth.

“Wa thinta umfazi,wa thinta imbokodo – you strike a woman, you strike a rock”

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