Will Kenya be a hub for regional trade after #GES2015 ?

Its no secret that Kenya is one of the few countries on the African continent with the fastest internet connection. According to a recent report done this year, by the communications authority of Kenya , majority of users continue to access the internet via their mobile phones with a whooping subscription growth percentage of at least 10.8 percent to reach 16.4 million during the second quarter of the 2015. The demand for bandwidth is so high that mobile providers as well as internet service providers have decided to invest in more base stations and the last mile fiber optic transmission links, all this to support the increase in demand.

When it comes to infrastructure, Kenya does not really have the best there is and yet it still manages to hurdle past and emerge as a leader in the internet market. The Global Entrepreneurship  Summit (GES2015) held in Nairobi from the 25-26th of July, was the 6th annual gathering. The summit was put in place as a way of committing to nurturing entrepreneurship globally. Among some of the important guests and speakers that attended was POTUS, Barack Obama. And of course whichever podium he speaks the world is all ears. The excitement behind the summit was as expected and twitter was a buzz. Here’s a short storify around the event.

Did the summit make HEADLINE news because the first black president of the United States attended or was it the potential the world saw in Kenya? A potential to pave way for trade in the region and continent as a whole.



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