Crowdsourcing taps into the network of internet communities

Crowdsourcing continues to tap into  the vast network of internet communities.

Still a fairly ‘new’ phenomenon, crowdsourcing remains a vital innovation for any business to continue growing and to strengthen its brand.

Most successful companies create a powerful resource of ideas, talent and opinions through crowdsourcing.

This form of outsourcing is deemed one of the best ways to acquire close to accurate feedback from the market, and to grasp what works and what doesn’t for any business model.

How do we make sure that crowdsourcing reaches the most accurate results?

By asking the right questions and using the right feedback appropriately.

Read more on crowdsourcing by Wired Magazine Editor and  the ‘brains’ behind the crowdsourcing phenomenon, JOHN HOWE.

WATCH this short video on crowdsourcing and learn how leading consumer product giant Procter & Gamble , computer specialists Dell Computers and coffee franchise giant  Starbucks, have used crowdsourcing in order to continuously innovate their brands.

The art of crowdsourcing


Be open to criticism, constructive or not – this is the only way to better your services/ product.


Ask strategic and specific questions based on the product/ services you provide in order to get accurate feedback.


Always screen responses you do not need.


Make use of internal staff input too. They work to enrich the brand and therefore it’s important to get criticism from them first before this is extended to the rest of the world.


Aim at creating an online community of customers and prospects that you can rely on for vital information that  will keep your brand afloat.

Crowdsourcing separates your ‘target market’ from the crowd

As it’s rightfully always echoed, in the digital realm, information is power.

Pro-active crowdsourcing can help you get vital insights  about your brand, products or services.

We’ve already established how you will certainly discover new streams of innovation through ideas and feedback from outsourcing.

Some of the benefits of crowdsourcing include:


Cutting costs on the resources spent on market research and feedback systems.


When questions are tailor-made and specifically targeted, crowdsourcing brings you closer to knowing and understanding your market segment.

Simply ask the right questions in surveys to a broad audience, in order to get accurate insight.

With these questions, you get a lot of engagement.

You need to know you’re not blinking in the dark when marketing to your audience – by knowing who that audience is.

Crowd-sourced research and surveys are tools that help with that.

NB: The survey needs to be tailored and specific.

Broad questions will give you inaccurate and random results.

Specifically targeted questions will yield better results.

What do you think about the crowdsourcing trend?

Do you think crowdsourcing is the future?

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