The Twitterati took to #SONA2012 like wild fire

According to BrandsEye, #SONA2012 was mentioned over 40 000 times on Twitter.

Hashtracking shows that the last 1 500 tweets as at 6:51 AM on the 10th of February had a sizable reach, and this was partly because a 1/3 of the #SONA2012 mentions were retweets.

Impressions generated by #SONA2012 tweets
Impressions generated by #SONA2012 tweets (click to enlarge)

It is not surprising that this occasion was so big on Twitter. Top tweeps participated in the conversation!

Followers of #SONA2012 Followers of #SONA2012

Understandably, the event has become bigger than JZ’s speech. The list of invited guests…

#SONA 2012 quests from 999 Record Label
#SONA2012 quests from 999 Record Label

…and the Red Carpet spectacle, also provided lots of content generation opportunities.

The Red Carpet: #SONA2012
The Red Carpet: #SONA2012

TweetLevel‘s analysis of top contributors to #SONA2012…

TweetLevel's Top 10 Contributors to #SONA 2012
TweetLevel’s Top 10 Contributors to #SONA2012

…supports CNN Africa Bureau Chief‘s observation that was supported by the editor of Stuff magazine.

Journos @ #SONA 2012
Journos tweeting @ #SONA2012

Interestingly, some of the major media houses are starting to take issue with journos breaking news on Twitter first, or retweeting “unauthorised tweets”. And others, including ESPN and Sky News, have taken drastic steps to stop this practice by changing their social media policies that effectively gag their journos. Given what happened with #SONA2012 as showed by the Piechart above, I cannot help wondering if South African media houses will follow in the same foot steps. We shall be watching this space with great interest.

PLEASE NOTE: The analysis presented in this post is based on tweeting activity that happened until 8:00 AM on the 10th of February 2012.


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