The “truth” about luxury

A week ago one of the most popular events in America took place over the weekend, the Super Bowl which is an annual championship game of the national football league. The Super Bowl which is the most anticipated event in American sport. Every year people prepare themselves for the Super Bowl Sunday where not only will they huddle up to watch the game but they look forward to performances during half time and commercial airtime.

Because of the high viewership commercial airtime is the most expensive of the year, which leads brands to regularly developing their most expensive advertisement. Commercial airtime has become a huge spectacle as a result of watching and discussing the broadcasted commercials by critics (audience). Brands have the opportunity to air their commercials to millions of viewers geographically and with social media, especially twitter producing the most mentions about the brand commercials.

The Super Bowl has become a significant event for brands to launch their commercials driving conversations about their brands throughout social platforms. The commercials are rated every year in the top 10 Super Bowl commercials that are broadcast on YouTube and generating conversation about which brand knocked it out the park.  One of my favorite commercials this year was a commercial by Kia launching their “The Truth” about luxury campaign with their Kia K900 luxury sedan.

Their commercial is based on the movie franchise “The Matrix” where an unsuspecting couple meets Morpheus a character played by Laurence Fishbourne at a valet stand. Where he presents them with two choices between a red key and a blue key, letting them know to choose wisely because they will never look at luxury the same way again. The couple chooses the red key where Morpheus challenges preconceived notions and opening minds to a side of luxury never seen before. Watch video here

Kia reenacted the theme of “The Matrix” which is about revealing the truth to those susceptible about to it. Just like the gist of the movie that is centered around revealing the truth, Kia incorporated the realization that we truly have not experienced the “truth” about luxury. Kia reveals the truth about luxury being more of a feeling and not about what it should look like. Kia claims that once people experience the truth about “luxury” they will never look at it the same way again.

Challenging the fact that people should not look at the conventional approach of what luxury should be or look like instead luxury should be a feeling. Laurence Fishbourne and his interpretation of Morpheus in the commercial is a totally different character to the Morpheus we know in the movie. One will never look at Morpheus the same way again let alone take him seriously because of his quirkiness in this commercial. The Kia commercial is truly a well executed concept and a great play of the “The Matrix” franchise.



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