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Known for his rather distasteful remarks on the NBC reality show The Apprentice , an American business magnate and investor, was ranked number 17 on the 2011 Forbes Celebrity 100 list , president and founder of his own organisation and founder of  a number of entertainment resorts. The list of his “calling cards” is probably longer than this blog. Donald John Trump!

The #BaltimoreRiots in the US, has been trending for most of the week on twitter, a sensitive topic that got Donald Trump voicing out his opinions. As you will see in the Storify I share below, he even took a jab at Barak Obama, a tweet that got most people up in arms, and as proven it’s these remarks that got him on that trending list. Even with all the negative responses to his tweets , he still manages to keep his brand afloat all thanks to his loyal followers still praising him for his consistent opinions.

About a month or so ago, I published a blog titled “Trending for the right reason” and what I undoubtably grasped from putting that blog together was that bad mouthing sensitive topics connected to “important” people by an “important” person , always finds its way onto the trending list. Videos/ voice recordings always go viral , take that Donald Sterling issue for instance, or the Cosby allegations  that sure got people in all sorts and got him even more followers as you will see reading “Trending for the right reasons”.  But here’s the thing, social media news/trends have a kill switch. Soon as one topic more interesting, more engaging than the other comes on board, the weakest link is thrown overboard and so it goes.

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