@TrevorNoah’s numbers don’t lie

Most of South African media brands across the board have published articles heaping praise on Trevor Noah since an announcement was made that he will be taking over Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” later this year when Jon Stewart leaves. Despite overwhelming evidence of Trevor’s popularity, some Americans do not agree he is the right man.

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Notice the number of Google search results for “Trevor Noah”? Many of us can only dream about such a huge online presence.


Trevor Noah has been doing business in the US for a few years already

We are learning with sadness that some Americans are up in arms about the Trevor Noah announcement, and this has forced Jon Stewart to come to his (Trevor’s) defence on Monday’s episode of “The Daily Show” – American time. One of the claims is that Trevor is not well-known to the American public – this despite his appointment as a contributor to the same “The Daily Show” in December 2014; appearances on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” (3 years ago) and “Late Show with David Letterman” (2 years ago), and performance at a sold-out live show at the Apollo more than a year ago, among others.

Let’s dig up some real-time stats about Trevor, to determine if he is indeed an unknown personality.


Trevor Noah’s social network numbers do the talking

While Americans continue to be unnerved regardless of all the facts above, here are additional social network stats that will hopefully put the matter of Trevor’s popularity to rest.


  • Trevor Noah’s Facebook page is the 8th largest in South Africa


Source: Socialbakers, 8 April 2015


  • Trevor Noah’s Youtube channel is the second largest in South Africa


Source: MyBroadband


  •  Trevor Noah is 4th most popular South African Twitterer


Source: Socialbakers, 8 April 2015


  •  Trevor Noah grew his Twitter following by 300K in last 3 months alone

Source: Twitter Counter

Trevor’s Twitter followers grew by more than 170K since announcement that he is taking over from Jon Stewart.

While the social network stats we shared in this post are from a South african perspective, we know that a fair chunk of Trevor’s fans, followers and subscribers are not South African.


Admittedly, we are BIG fans of Trevor Noah, as we are of all Africans who are doing great things at global stages everywhere in the world.



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