Top 7 ‘strange’ online communities and websites

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The internet is stranger than fiction.

Online communities range from the peculiar to strange and even downright weird.

In no particular order, I have compiled a list of my top strangest online communities and websites.

Prepare to get shocked, perplexed and screaming what the…?

From sites that encourage you to get overweight, high and bloody, you will learn that the internet can sometimes be a strange and quite frankly, scary place.

Online communities that will leave you shocked and amazed

1. Get fat or die trying 

So basically ignore what the doctor said about your high cholesterol and sugar levels and put on as much weight as you like! 

At least that’s according to the community on fantasy feeder – A website that encourages people to get obese and find love with people who are obsessed with the idea of being fat – known as fat feeders.

fat vs skinnyImage credit:

2. Nip, tuck and don't pay is the hub for women seeking free plastic surgery.

Here they pose and post pictures for men to donate money for their next ‘trip’ under the knife.

plastic surgeyImage credit:

3. Skin deep

Prepare to get irked, pricked and inked with number 3 – and where  a community of  tattoo  enthusiasts and tattoo artists turn inking into a sub-culture.

This sub-culture sure takes a skin-deep approach to the term ‘community’.

inkImage credit:

4. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

If number 3 had the hair on your skin standing up then meet the community of body modifiers.

Through this body modification website

These communities indulge in body art such as scarification and tongue splitting also known as tongue bifurcation.

bod modImage credit:

5. The hunger games

Known as the ‘Ana’ community, which is short for anorexia.

These communities give the ‘skinny’ on the eating disorder arnoxeia Nervosa – but not in the way you think.

This is a community  of anorexia and bulimia sufferers who encourage one another to keep starving themselves.

‘Encouraging’ messages on how to remain underweight and skinny known as thinspirations .

anaImage credit:

6. World Wide Web high

LOL, yes, I am thinking what you are thinking -It’s crazy but it exists. has been sending people to ‘ since it began.

People can order and get contacts their drug of choice whether legal or illegal.

The fact that this website still exists is evidence that we live in a society that is as strange as its internet users.

highImage credit:

7. Online blessings!

Yes! I had to. – one of many ‘blesser’ sites.

These are communities looking love and the finer things in life.

Sparking controversy all over the web and on mainstream media, this community has received its fair share of criticism and surprisingly, support.

blesserImage credit:

Okay, fair enough some of these online communities are not strange but just ‘different’ I guess.

I’ll admit though, it was fun digging the net for the strangest, weirdest, off-the-wall and OMG communities on the net.

So what do you think?

Did my list do justice to the strangest online communities?

Did you find some more online communities that had you saying OMG?

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