Top 5 design trends that will dominate 2019

The start of every year comes with a wave of positive energy and desire to change. This year is no different and this comes with the desire to create and pioneer graphic design trends. It seems the year is steered towards the use of bold fonts, vivid colours, and futuristic patterns.

Here’s the latest on what will dominate in the year 2019.

1. Strong Typographic Focal points

Individuality, innovation, and strength are what bold fonts tend to convey and represent.

2. Dark and Light colour schemes

High contrast in colour and shading often give an automatic tendency to make images stand out. Major tech companies use this technique in their branding. The trend has managed to spread into designer’s portfolios, where they create multiple versions of their designs in dark and light palettes.

3. Colourful Minimalism

Usually, minimalism can be found in the midst of neutral and muted colour schemes, however, this year we have already seen an increase in more colourful minimalism.
Designs still remain minimal, however, pops of unexpected minimalism can be expected.

4. Authentic & genuine stock photos

With the world leaning towards a more ‘#woke’ incentive, stock images have to make an appeal without coming off as staged or fake, the audience is tired of this. Now we are seeing more stock photos that are accurate to reality, where they have been taken with someone’s phone camera, looking less polished or general, rather more personal and relatable.

5. Dynamic and detailed hand-drawn illustrations

An illustration is always a great way to ensure that your designs will stand out. In a world where almost every idea exists, illustration is a great way to stay current and original. More brands are recognizing this trend and are opting for custom art.

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