Top 4 South African fan pages have a share of Facebook’s largest market – the US

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The latest Socialbakers stats show that South Africa’s top 5 Facebook fan pages are a mix of entertainment and sport.

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My first reaction about Trevor Noah was that his successful foray into the highly competitive US comedy circuit has a lot to do with his brand performance on Facebook.

The next logical question to test this was: are the top 5 South African fan pages having any fans in the US, Facebook’s largest market? Thankfully, I found my answer on Socialbakers – one of my main sources of Facebook insights.

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Of South Africa’s top 5 fan pages, only CricketSA does not have US as part of its main fan locations.

Predictably, Seether – previously called Saron Gas and now resident in the US for the last 10 years – and Die Antwoord both have largest contribution to their respective fan bases coming from the US.

Trevor Noah has a small but respectable share of the US market in his fan base.

My prediction is that this share is going to grow with his continued work in that market.

Let us give this one a year and see what happens.

Are you surprised that Kaizer Chiefs football club also has fans in the US?

Consider that this team – affectionately known as the glamour boys by local fans – leads South African Premiership log at the time of publishing this post.

PSST – the margin is only 1 point ahead of league championship defenders Orlando Pirates, though.


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