Think it different-The entrepreneur issue

To add on the definition

As I have in the previous blog highlighted that entrepreneurs are ideas men are innovative and go out of their way ensure their ideas are sold to the community they aspire to serve.i took it upon myself do more research about the subject,because it is an interesting subject which a lot of us throw in only one basket,while there is a variety to be  separated in different baskets.Entrepreneurship is  not a one size fits all garment,it varies from size,client base,to objectives and motives.

Entrepreneurs are different ,some do it for money, while others do it just for fulfillment.It is quite important to know that compensation for the efforts entrepreneurs put is not only in money,the fact that there are Non profit organizations that are aimed and assisting courses either than to derive profits  substantiates the point I am trying to make is that not everyone is doing it for profit.In fact for all the entrepreneurs profits are secondary,for them what is important is to prove that their products are accepted by the community in which they serve.

What i have realized…….

Not every idea makes a good entrepreneur,my study of business and entrepreneurs revealed that ideas are the initial part of the foundation,and execution gives label to it as entrepreneurship. Each idea thought of is never an original idea,you must always know that someone somewhere has the same idea you have,however what makes those ideas come across as original is because some have ideas which never get to see the light.It is important to research before you present an idea,that will help you know if the market is open or saturated and also help you gain competitive advantage over entrepreneurs that are already in the market. The packaging and presentation of your idea is also quite important and can make your idea seem different even though the same with what is available in the market.

Piece of advise

*Do not sit with ideas because you are afraid,being afraid has never helped anyone succeed on anything in life.

*Believe in your ideas,before you can expect others to do the same

*Always make research before implementing your ideas

*Be willing to put in more hours



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