The few facts: causes of depression at work


causes of depression at work


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A workplace should be a place where you do your work free minded, express your opinion without being judged. Depression at work has a significant impact on productivity which in turn aggravates the resulting problems at work and relationships with colleagues and line managers. Depression causes problems with memory and leads to procrastination, extreme fatigue, difficulty concentrating, anxiety, fear, and panic which will add to work-related stress which can cripple the output from an employee.

Not being the right person for the job


Doing work that you are not skilled to do, may end up in one making silly mistakes because you do not focus on your duties in the correct way. This can be due to fear of losing one’s jobs or being ostracised by colleagues. Values that don’t align with who you are or disliking where you work or who you are working for, may result in having zero interest in your work.

No Personal Life and not spending Time with family


Having no personal life can have the impact on reducing the productivity of the company you work for. These may also include Work-life interference You’re texting and emailing with your employer outside of work hours, and you’re struggling to maintain family relationships. Those who saw their friends or family in person three times per week at minimum were the least likely to report experiencing symptoms of depression.

Interpersonal discomfort


Having to interface with people who are unpleasant or have different preferences, personalities, or work styles can make one unpleasant in the workplace. Strong interpersonal skills will enable you to talk to and work with all types of people, including managers, coworkers, and customers. Poor interpersonal skill is the number one reason why people don’t get along, don’t get promoted or, even worse, lose their jobs.

How To Cope With Depression At Work

  • Recognize the signs
  • Take a mental health break
  • Find treatment/Meditate
  • Decide if — and how — to tell your boss
  • Learn some calming techniques
  • Make a schedule, and stick to it.

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