The history of recording music goes way back to when sound waves were recorded on a vinyl record by a small needle that engraved sound from the rhythm of the sound waves. A small needle that rotated around the vinyl record toward the middle projecting sounds out of the record player. A phonograph record also popularly known as “a record” was mostly used for distribution of music and they were used for many generations until they were replaced by cassette tapes. Cassette tapes were unique because although it may already come with content on it but it allowed individuals to tape over the content. Just as we were blown away by the cassette’s awesome ability, we were then introduced to the compact disc.


Compact discs were the introduction into the digital sphere because one was able to store data onto the disc whether it be documents, picture, movies, music and video. The evolution of  storing data and recording music over generations has significantly developed with technology. It has become a lot easier to store data and document our data onto our mobile phones and laptops. Technology has made it simple for people to produce music and share with their friends and followers digitally. Social platforms such as YouTube, iTunes and SoundCloud allow people to record and instantly share their music that they composed.


Today an artist can produce an album by simply having a YouTube account and posting their videos performing their song.With record sales decreasing every year,artist have to come up with Innovative  ways to attract and keep their fans.truly a phenomenal trend that is taking ovver the digitalsphere with millions veiwing their videos and being able to interact with artists. Chloe and Hale are on such examples of artist who have made their name off their YouTube account performing songs.they have millions of views for  their videos and have 300 k subscribers for their Youtube account.

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