The Three C’s of the Consumer Connection Model


The consumer connection model consists of Contact, Content, and Context; it helps brands to be able to create messages and campaigns that resonate with its audience. This blog will give you tips on how to align a brand with the consumer connection model.



Contact is the audience the message is created for, and also how and where the message will be communicated. For example, if the target audience is Generation Z (Generation Z is the demographic cohort following Generation Y, also known as the Millennials or the Millennial Generation; other names suggested for the cohort include iGeneration (iGen), Gen Tech, Gen Wii, Net Gen, Digital Natives, and Plurals. The dates given for Generation Z range from the mid-1990s through the second decade of this century, although precise years vary according to the source), read more about Gen Z here. So, if the brand wants to communicate with Gen Z, it would be advised that the message is communicated on social networks and a virtual reality activation.



Content is the message being communicated to the audience. In this case, the message is what the brand does and it will be communicated in an intriguing way that creates engagement on social media in order for more people to know about the brand.



That is the message being communicated in context with the target audience and the environment. For example, a brand should resonate with its audience for the message to be in context.

Being seen and listened to is everything when it comes to making an impact on your customers, and attracting new business. Social media is the perfect platform for posting the share-worthy content that can ensure your brand’s voice is heard. When you create and distribute content that social media followers find useful, entertaining, or insightful, your business becomes more welcoming to new prospects, and more familiar to your current clientele.


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