The nine basic rules of video production

In general video production is the method of making video content. 

The process of video making goes through different steps which are, coming up with an idea, putting together a script, shooting, editing, visual effects (VFX) or graphics and audio editing.

The meaning of video production, however might vary from field to the other.

In this blog I will be teaching you guys about the “RULES OF VIDEO PRODUCTION,” the reason for this topic, is to educate a lot of people who have the love for cameras and shooting but lacking a few skills when it comes to video production.


RULE NO. 1 No Shaky Shots!

Number one rule when shooting a video, always make sure that your video is not shaky.

For your video to be still and not shaky, get a tripod which will help with the camera moves and make sure the camera fits the base of the tripod you have correctly. 

The tripod helps stabilize and elevate a camera.

RULE NO. 2 Be Still

Another rule you should apply to when shooting a video with a camera, be still.

Only move the camera when you have a reason or see an opportunity.

Don’t let needle adjustment ruin your shot. Make sure you have at least 10-20 seconds of usable footage for each piece of B-Roll.

All pans and zooms should be slow and controlled.

RULE NO. 3 Focus

When shooting a piece of footage, you should make sure that the camera is in focus.

Check the settings of your camera and play around with the focus manually, till you get a clear and a high definition quality picture.

Avoid blurriness in your footage, but make sure that your focus is set to be perfect and ready to shoot.

RULE NO. 4 Get to Know Your Camera

Familiarise yourself with the camera you are using, in that case; it will be a smooth ride when operating it.

Learn your camera menu options.

The functions you will mostly use are the white balance, iris.

You also need to know how to switch between 16:9 and 4:3 and also know how to assign your audio channels.

RULE NO. 5 Think of the Final Product

Know how you would like the final cut to play out and be consistent with the questions you ask.

If you want multiple subjects to tell a story, make sure you get all of their point of views from the beginning to end.

Asking subjects the same questions will help with transitions. Don’t go without a plan.

RULE NO. 6 Audio

When using a boom, make sure to point it directly to the speaker.

Be aware that jostling the boom will produce unwanted noise.

When using a wireless or hardwired microphone, make sure it is secured and that there is no noise.

Avoid coiling cables or overlapping them with power cords.

When all these cables touches, it creates buzz.

Always do sound-checks to set levels.

RULE NO. 7 Breathing Room

When you hit the record button at the beginning of the interview, allow a moment before you ask the first question.

This way the editor has room to work with.

The same applies when the question is being answered.

This avoids the answer stepping on the interviewer’s next question.

RULE NO. 8 Lighting

Traditional 3-point lighting has a key light, a fill light, and a backlight.

It would look proper if you can get an eye light, where you see the reflection of the light in the eyes of the subject.

Make sure the lights don’t overpower the subject.

Skin color and clothing color will affect your lighting.

RULE NO. 9 Be Prepared! (Grip Bag)

When shooting you need to be the jack of all trades and a backpacker.

Make sure you have enough batteries for your audio as well as for your camera.

A pen and a paper are always useful. Make sure you have enough memory space, the right cables and any props you might need for your set.

Take care of your equipment.


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