The new craze – Influencer Marketing


Influencer marketing is the new thing in the marketing world, this type of marketing has become popular because most consumers continue to skip or block ads when online.

Influencer Marketing is the type of marketing where marketers don’t communicate directly to their target audience but you get key leaders on social media known as influencers and drive your messages through them as they have a direct and huge influence to your target market.

Influencer Marketing Goals and KPIs

Before one starts an influencer marketing campaign, there are a couple of questions that need to be answered to create the campaign strategy.

Is this the right campaign strategy that will reach the objective (Brand awareness, increase sales, increase the number of followers) and how will the influencers assist to reach this objective.

Once you have determined your target audience you will then decide which social media platform will be used that best suits the behaviour of the target market. For example, if you’re targeting a mature demographic, your campaign’s probably more suited to Facebook and if it’s younger the best platform would be Snapchat or Twitter.


When you have chosen the influencer, there are a couple of things to also consider:

Be open to different genres of influencers, as this increases the reach of a campaign. If the content seems too raw or boring, try to keep your focus on the engagement of the influencer. You might not like the content because you are not the target audience

Allow an influencer to integrate their personality and voice and not just the brands giving the influencer content to say to their followers. Most influencers are looking for authenticity and can identify an ad also immediately and that the content will feel like it’s not organic.

  1. This will be created for the campaign as the  Influencers have an audience because they know how to best communicate with them, so the brand will see how best to communicate their brand through the voice of the influencer. Remember your brand is being featured in the influencer’s brand content. It is important that the brand integration is authentic and consistent with the influencer’s other content.

So what should you look for when sourcing influencers?

  • You want someone that’s active on their social media networks or blogs.
  • Make sure that you choose an influencer whose posts will influence their followers.
  • Make sure that the influencer’s audience is a match to your target market.
  • Make sure the content generated by the influencers is aligned with your brand’s image and speaks to your target market.

At the end of the influencer marketing campaign, it will need to be measured to see if the campaign was a success. There are several analytics metrics that measure campaigns the effect of your campaign but one I would recommend is Iconosquare which measures:     

Reach which is the spread of a social media conversation and measures total and potential audience size.

Engagement which is the interaction quantity of the content on social media and the sentiment of the campaign.

Community Management on social media, blogs and websites, this will measure the analytics of the traffic metrics which includes  • Where are your page views are coming from, most liked content, how long they are staying to watch the content, if the followers’ growth has increased or decreased. The traffic will determine whether the marketing efforts are helping to reach the objective.


You should ideally pick the analytics metrics to measure based on what your goals are. Remember to set up the campaign on the metric you pick so that the campaign can be measured before, during and after the campaign, so you can establish a definite result.



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