The importance of colour psychology in marketing

Who could have thought that five basic colours can create a marketing language? That the colours have a level of influence on your targeted audience and how they receive your digital offering? These principles of the colour of psychology are more relevant and widely used by developers and designers.  Studies show that colour has an effect on human behaviours and can trigger different types of emotions.

Here are five basic colours and their characteristics:

  • Blue is used to gain trust and is perfect for backgrounds and general logos. This colour prompts moods of calmness, serenity and trustworthiness.

  • Green is used to trigger action, it’s a colour that reflects progress, evolution, and money. This also has a strong relation to nature or the environment, which makes it an ideal colour to use for outdoor or nature branding.


  • Yellow and red are used to communicate danger and warning signs. This also prompts a sense of fun or trigger and a sense of urgency.




  • Black speaks volume for a sense of luxury, this colour is perfect for fashion, luxury goods, offers and upgrade. It can also be used if one is offering high value consumer items or services.


The choice of your colours will depend on your brand, the perception you’re trying to create and how you want your customers to feel about your brand. Choose wisely!




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