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My definition

When you utter a word “entrepreneur” everyone thinks ‘MONEY’.

Well I have a different view of what an entrepreneur is. 

Well yes there should be a form of trade, but its not only about money.

Entrepreneurship is about deriving value from an idea.

Value in a sense that you derive some form of satisfaction from whatever form of trade you engage self in. 

Let me be a bit technical by bringing in the finance jargon.

In tax terms, a person is entitled to income from services they have rendered. 

Income for tax purposes is not only money, but something with ascertainable value.

That is my definition, that entrepreneurship is not about money, but getting value for the service rendered.

I have learnt when I started PTR(Pause,Think and Reflect) that money was not the reason I started it, but the satisfaction of changing lives was.

I am not alone in this, even my boss Bra Willy the founder of eNitiate integrated solutions believes in footprint and adding value for clients than profits, he believes in ideas being tested and results being derived from that particular idea.

Entrepreneur magazine issue 116, describes an entrepreneur as a person with an idea, which he is aching to sell to the idea.

Its in proving that the idea is best either than making money.

Visit  to enhance your knowledge(Its an interesting read).

Not in dispute

Undoubtedly money pays bills, it makes the world go round but that is not a definition of an entrepreneur.

Because an entrepreneur is an ideas person, whose ideas can change a way of doing or looking at things. 

Entrepreneurs are innovators, not money makers.

They can be labeled as job creators, developers and contributors to society.

Digital space

We sat in an interview this week with a possible candidate to fill the copyright position in out company, and I loved it when he said “A copywriter who lacks the digital capacity, will be like a dinosaur in the next coming years, as the digital space is the future.”

I highlighted that to show the importance of the digital tools in this life and time.

It is important to try entrepreneurship in the digital field, as the digital world is the future. 

An average person checks their phone about  times a day. 

Imagine if the ideas are around the mobile phone, it would make the entrepreneur.

Just to enlighten you on the stats of social media users check the numbers below:

<img src=To read more

Take you ideas to the digital world, and avoid being a dinosaur in the future.

Entrepreneurship is more than just money, it is more.

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