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The 12-day SEO challenge – improving eNitiate Website page speeds

eNitiate Website | 12-day SEO Challenge | Google Pagespeed Test for Mobile | 5 Apr 2020

In my previous post about the quarterly review of the eNitiate Website, three of the discoveries are that the site’s largest traffic comes from Google organic search, that the number of mobile phone visitors has grown substantially, and that there has been a phenomenal increase increase in sessions that last up to 10 seconds only, which is already the largest percentage of traffic to the Website. 

The last discovery has been a concern that I could not shake off my mind.

This lead to the decision to check the Website’s speeds for desktop and mobile to see if this could provide some explanation for the jump in short visits.

Here are the results: 

eNitiate Site Pagespeed Score | Desktop

eNitiate Site Pagespeed Score | Mobile

To make sense of how Google Pagespeed Insights scores work, have a look at the results of facebook.com, the world’s second largest Website by traffic after Google itself.

facebook.com Pagespeed Score | Desktop

m.facebook.com Pagespeed Score | Mobile

Both the eNiiate Website desktop and mobile device scores above indicate that there is an opportunity to improve page speeds. 

Considering what I pointed out in the previous post about the online consumption behaviours related to the mobile device, the need to improve the page speed for this device is of utmost priority.

According to Google's 2016 research, 53% of mobile website visitors will move on if a webpage doesn’t load within 3 seconds.

I am aware that Google Pagespeed Insights is not the holy grail

The post by WP-Rocket cautions against treating Google Pagespeed Insights as ‘the’ industry standard by which Websites must abide.   

I get that, despite the strong title they use that borders on being a clickbait. But that is besides the point.

Using the Pingdom Website Speed Test, which does not differentiate between desktop and mobile scores, eNitiate Website’s speed test result – expressed as Performance Grade – is a bit more encouraging.

eNitiate Website | Pingdom Website Speed Test | 5 Apr 2020
Pingdom Website Speed Test: https://enitiate.solutions

Notice how close the eNitiate Website Pingdom score seems to be to the Google desktop score? 

Surely then, even Pingdom on its own is not sufficient for a detailed page speed analysis as it gives only the aggregated score.

The faster your site loads, the lower the bounce rate. If your site is fast, you have a better chance of ranking on Google over slow sites that drive high bounce rates.

This post was inspired by the results of the page speed scores by Google and Pingdom. 

The 12-day SEO challenge

I have decided to start a 12-day SEO challenge, with the single minded objective of improving eNitiate Website’s mobile device page speed from the current 24, as per Google Pagespeed Insights, to 50 by the 12th day.

Is this possible? I like doing crazy, so I am going to give a bash.

Besides, my country, South Africa, will still be under the coronvirus lockdown for the same period, so this will be one of the great ways to see the social distancing period to the end without losing my mind 😎.

The challenge starts today.

Look out for progress reports on what I have done on the Website to improve the speed every second day, at the latest.

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