Technology’s influence on youth culture

Reminiscing on the “good ol’ days” is a memory trip well worth taking. 

A mere 10 years ago, young people used to play outside all day, riding bikes, playing sports,  you name it – this was my generation – #Team90s. 

We were the masters of imagination as children. 

We created our own form of play that didn’t require any expensive equipment or parental supervision. 

Some of us moved a lot, and our sensory world was nature-based and might I add, very simple. 

We’d start off the day with a regular routine of chores and then the world was our oyster. 

When technology replaced toys

Today things are different, very different in fact, since technology came into play. 

Thanks to good folks like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates who have been at the forefront of multimedia technology. 

How this impacts our youth is arguably more positive than it is negative. 

Look at it from this perspective – none of us have to make physical applications to our preferred tertiary institutions. 

Everything is now  available at our fingertips, thanks to digital advancements and internet access. 

It is because of these innovations that today’s youth rely on technology for both work and play. 

Technology defined in my own words

Technology is really nothing more than the systematic modification of the environment for human ends. 

This might be a process or activity that extends a human function. 

Just as a telescope extends man’s visual perception. 

A tractor extends one’s physical ability, and a computer extends a person’s ability to perform a variety of digital tasks like calculating, electronic mailing and of course, my utmost favorite – multimedia project handling. 

Technology – the 21st century’s communication tool

Communication has also become a big part of our lives, and as software technology has continued to advance through the years, the world has become smaller. 

This ‘global shrinking’ has been aided by the technologies of WhatsApp, Mxit, Facebook, Skype and Twitter.

These platforms have enabled us to stay in touch with friends and family from anywhere we are in the world.

As software technology has continued to advance over the years, the world has become smaller

A phone in the 21st century is no longer perceived as just a tool for communication, but a way to stay connected with the world.

Take the breakthroughs of iPhones, GPS systems, internet, personal modems, video and audio recorders, ebooks, and many other apps.

What do these technological advancements have in common?

They all add the element of convenience to our lives.

The dark side of technology

Despite all the positive aspects of technology, the breakthroughs, and the advances, there has always been some argument surrounding its positive influence. 

Technology has given rise to the ‘social media craze’, which are the platforms that many young people spend hours communicating and connecting. Looking at the advantages and disadvantages of technology on teens , we see the  dark side of technology.

Some of the disadvantages of technology use amongst young people include cyberbullying, a form of abuse through online platforms. 

Other disadvantages of technology include internet and cellphone addiction. 

Technology is the systematic modification of the environment for human ends.

Has technology changed the youth for the better or for the worst? 

Share your thoughts with us.

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