Use of #technology in the South African classroom is now a reality

There has been a significant change in the educational system especially within the classrooms as technology plays a huge role in the process of learning. The introduction of tablets in the classroom has become a steady growth in South African schools. The Gauteng Department of Education distributed 88 000 tablets to government schools in the province in 2014.



Textbooks are no longer a guideline when searching for answers, the internet has become a learning portal for students where they are able to gain knowledge about a specific topic. E-learning has been said to be beneficial for students because it incorporates learning and fun at the same time. Education has adopted the move from using hard copy material for education to going digital.

“Technology is redefining the relationships between us and data, information, teachers and learners” – unknown .
E-learning has made it easier for teachers and learners because they are able to do further research on the topic of discussion while being taught in the classroom. Studying has also become less painful for learners because they are no longer required to go through an entire textbook.


Learning in the future

One could argue that in the future learners will no longer be required to be in a classroom in order to learn anything. Technology has made it easy for us to connect anywhere in the world and with broadband slowly becoming accessible for everyone, one wonders what the future holds for learning especially in South Africa.


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