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Like TED, ‘self’ is an idea worth sharing

SELF. Write about 'self' and what you are doing  to rise to 'self'. That's what my boss said when he themed July the month of 'Self'. Sure that's easy. I can just ramble about myself, stick a few selfies and call it a day and...

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#16Days of Activism

RAPE, ABUSE AND MURDER – are the headlines that surface daily in the news. These words are associated with the injustices and violent behaviours affecting women and children every day. So now that the President has launched the “16 Days of activism” NOW WHAT? I feel like...

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Social networking about #TEDxSoweto 2012 Leapfrog event

eNitiates were social media partner for TEDxSoweto 2012 Leapfrog event. We covered all aspects of the event mainly on Twitter. Our social networking included 2 Twitterviews - one with @KeloKubu (the licensee for the event) and the other with @ShakaSisulu of CheeseKids (one of the...

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