Usage of social integration tools

It feels like social integration tools have been around for as long as social media. But, there are netizens who do not use them, or do understand how to best leverage them. In my inaugural #InformUrSelf Twitterview, I address this topic.

The social media under-utilisation debate rages on

As old as the word “social media” sounds to some of us now, treatment of these media as an afterthought that inevitably results in their underutilisation is still prevalent in a fair number of companies.

Are social network relationships about quantity or quality?

There is consensus that high levels of common interest enhance active engagement on social networks. This is why protagonists of quality relationships emphasize that this typically gets achieved at the expense of high quantity of connections.

Why is your company not leveraging social media despite overwhelming evidence that it should?

Are companies not supposed to be microcosms of societies where they operate? If yes (and I hope it is an emphatic one), why are they (companies) left behind the social media growth curve that is driven by the same communities they are part of? Better still, are company executives not part of professional social networks such as LinkedIn? If yes (and in my experience, a good number of the executives are, judging by the growth of communities such as National CEO Network), why do they not think it is just as important for the companies they run to embrace social networks?