Battle for social share of voice is on this coming Saturday

This is going to be the busiest social media weekend in South African yet. 4 major events will all be happening tomorrow, Saturday the 2nd of February… of interest to us answer to the question: which event is going to win social share of voice by the end of the weekend?

Social networking about #TEDxSoweto 2012 Leapfrog event

eNitiates were social media partner for TEDxSoweto 2012 Leapfrog event. We covered all aspects of the event mainly on Twitter. Our social networking included 2 Twitterviews – one with @KeloKubu (the licensee for the event) and the other with @ShakaSisulu of CheeseKids (one of the Leapfrog event speakers); and live tweeting during the event.

Macufe 2012 social networking provides great insights

In this post, I share with you Facebook and Twitter highlights based on our social analytics relating to the recent Macufe 2012 event’s 15th anniversary, with an estimated 170 000 revelers attending from all over the country, the continent and the rest of the world.