Social Media – Voice Of the new age

Social media has formed an enormous part of our culture. We use it to communicate with people about anything; updating a status on Facebook, tweeting with little characters or posting a picture of dinner for two on Instagram. We constantly share our experiences with the people, including our opinions on social issues. Campaigns and protests have […]

Africa is a rising star, says social media

Recently Africa has had a well-deserved buzz on social media, thanks to the likes of well-known celebs from South Africa. It will be of no surprise that most people on the continent of Africa and overseas, now know who Trevor Noah is. Of course not forgetting house Dj Black Coffee and the forever controversial, Hip-Hop […]

Are you Social Media “successful”?

I have been twiddling my thumbs, trying to get some inspiration for this blog and have not had that “Eureka” moment I wanted. You know, the one that gets your creative juices flowing rather abundantly? Yes, that one. So instead I found an angle that I am more comfortable with, my opinion, and so I […]

The era of millennials online

I have been hearing and seeing a lot of online media with the word “Millennial” in it. That word (also known as generation y) describes “children of the day”; any one born from the 1980s to the early 2000s; this according to Wikipedia. I decided to look into this word and I found that reference was being made to the […]

Do we really have Social Media Privacy?

We all use social media for different reasons, some for business and others for just personal reasons. Since the birth of social media, we have come to discover that this new media channel is a potent tool not only for personal use (connecting with old friends) but also to reach consumers who you might have not […]