Cyberbullying, Social Media and the Youth.

We’ve all seen the typical high-school bullying scene in a lot of Hollywood films. It usually starts off with the typical popular high school jock picking on the not so popular high school nerd in front of a group of people. There is usually a plethora of insults, some physical assault on the not so […]

The story about Kaizer Chiefs dominance on social media, captured in tweets

Where it all started: Bra Willy’s blog post on Kaizer Chiefs dominance on social media that was inspired by a radio interview between the host – Ashraf Garda – and Kaizer Chiefs Corporate Communications Manager on the SAFM Sunday morning slot called The Media Show on 9/11. How is your brand doing on social media? Tell […]

The youth and Social Media

Youth marketing is fast becoming the benchmark for any effective marketing strategy. Why are marketers targeting the youth differently to other market segments? The answer is laid out clearly by the American Press Institute, who say that the youth consumes information and news differently to other market segments.   Why millennials?   According to Pew […]

Technology’s influence on youth culture

Reminiscing on the “good ol’ days” is a memory trip well worth taking. A mere 10 years ago, young people used to play outside all day, riding bikes, playing sports,  you name it – this was my generation – #Team90s. We were the masters of imagination as children. We created our own form of play […]

How is Africa raising issues to mobilise wide support on Social media?

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Social media is without a doubt one of the most powerful mediums of communication. Increasingly, the youth have found a “voice” in raising political and social issues that have come to the fore. When national disasters or tragedies strike, social media is the first to break the news and netizens all there to spread and receive […]

Youngest continent Africa is going global

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Africa,the youngest continent by age, has the world’s youngest population living in it. What does this mean for Africa and the internet? Africa has 9.8% of internet users out of its 16% of world population. This is a massive advantage which is taking the continent to greater heights. More and more African governments are beginning […]