5 unconscious biases that impede effectiveness of social media

eNitiate | Unconscious Bias Against Social Media

Are there other unconscious biases you are aware of that impede effectiveness of social media? Note them in the comment section . On a closing note…  eNitiate is in its 11th year and 7 days of digital marketing practice. To celebrate this milestone, we will be focusing a substantial part of the company’s time and […]

Youth rate of unemployment may impact your social media strategy

“70% of Africa’s youth live on less than US$2 per day, the internationally defined poverty threshold” – Africa Renewal Magazine, 2013 This stat was released in 2013, but 3 years later, the economy seems to be taking an even bigger knock. And then South Africa’s unemployment rate for 2016 was released… source: tradingeconomics.com “So what? […]

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs in online marketing

Abraham Maslow , an American psychologist who was best known for creating Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, was of the idea that every man is motivated by five basic needs in his lifetime. The principle is simple. From the time you are born, you have needs that have to be met for your overall well-being. As you grow, needs […]

Real Time Digital

How do you come up with awesome strategies that your target market can embrace and relate to,gimmicks that will give your brand the desired response?The answer is……Real Time Marketing coupled with a dose of digital.Be pro-active,engage with your consumers monitor their behaviour changes regarding your brand.Digital has become a LIFESTYLE for many and so if […]

Which social network gives best bang for marketing $?

In the recent #InformUrself Twitterview, there was a discussion on the key question whether there is a need for brands to decide on social networks to invest in. The simple answer is yes, because there are limited resources to invest in this new channel that is still growing.