How F8 Developer Conference 2017 finally put a stop to Facebook’s demise predictions


Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference took place a week ago. The one big and bold statement of the conference that stood out for me was the following: The statement above was made by Regina Dugan, the VP of Engineering, explaining that 60 engineers are hard at work developing a brain-computer interface that will allow for direct translation of […]

The youth and Social Media

Youth marketing is fast becoming the benchmark for any effective marketing strategy. Why are marketers targeting the youth differently to other market segments? The answer is laid out clearly by the American Press Institute, who say that the youth consumes information and news differently to other market segments.   Why millennials?   According to Pew […]

Facebook making it’s mark in Africa

Facebook has well over 1.49 billion active users in the whole world, and 120 million of the users are from Africa. It is estimated that more than 80% of the users in Africa access the social media platform from their mobile phones. There is a steady growth of internet connection across the whole continent and Facebook […]

Should advertisers worry about Facebook’s recent 83 million “dubious” accounts announcement?

Should advertisers worry about Facebook’s recently announced 83 million dubious accounts? This is an important question, because advertiser are driven by numbers, ahead of all else. However, it is key to note that fictitious and dormant accounts are a common characteristic of ALL social network sites. They are not avoidable. Thus, the question should be: what is the tolerable level of these accounts that advertisers are happy to live with?