The story about Kaizer Chiefs dominance on social media, captured in tweets

Where it all started: Bra Willy’s blog post on Kaizer Chiefs dominance on social media that was inspired by a radio interview between the host – Ashraf Garda – and Kaizer Chiefs Corporate Communications Manager on the SAFM Sunday morning slot called The Media Show on 9/11. How is your brand doing on social media? Tell […]

Confirmed: Kaizer Chiefs are BIG on social media

The inspiration for this post I usually spend my Sunday early mornings listening to Ashraf Garda‘s Mediashow on SAFM, South Africa’s second-largest talk radio. Sunday 9/11 was no different, and as luck would have it, the first interview on the show inspired this post. Ashraf interviewed Alpheus Maphosa – the Corporate Communications Manager for Kaizer Chiefs – about […]

Soweto Derby, 7 March 2015 – 4.5 minutes of oohs, aahs, and clapping

The Soweto Derby is a clash between 2 of the biggest teams in South African Premier Soccer League (PSL) – Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates. This clash was the second in PSL season 2014/2015. This video captures key moments that elicited emotional raptures in the second half of the game. [youtube=]  

Top 4 South African fan pages have a share of Facebook’s largest market – the US

The latest Socialbakers stats show that South Africa’s top 5 Facebook fan pages are a mix of entertainment and sport. My first reaction about Trevor Noah (top 2 position) was that his successful foray into the highly competitive US comedy circuit has a lot to do with his brand performance on Facebook. The next logical question to test this was: are the top 5 South African fan pages having any fans in the US, Facebook’s largest market? Thankfully, I found my answer on Socialbakers – one of my main sources of Facebook insights.

The 8 December 2012 Soweto derby gained a global status

A lot of noise was made about yesterday’s Soweto derby between Orlando Pirates and Kaizer Chiefs, which ended in a 1:1 draw. While this can be expected as these two teams are the richest, most fan’ed and arguably most decorated in South Africa and rank high in the African continent as well, there was something more. As at 12:30 AM, #Sowetoderby had achieved just under 7,5K tweets, as measured on Let me use the power of Twitter to illustrate the fact that yesterday’s fierce soccer battle by the two Soweto giants captured the imagination of the world.