13 stats about South Africa you need to know, from the Global Digital 2019 Report

Bra Willy | eNitiate | Global Digital Report 2019 | Internet and Social Media Penetrations - South Africa | January 2019

In this post, I share stats about South Africa that will show that online media have effectively become the new normal for the country. The latest Global Digital Report – titled Digital 2019 Q3 Global Digital Statshot (July 2019) v01– is out. The first report for 2019 was published in January, and this July report […]

Top 18 African Heads of States on Twitter: it’s a mixed bag

Wondering which African Heads of States are big on Twitter in 2017? We have the answer for you in this blog post, where we picked the top 18 based on Twitter followers as at 7 July. We are using old-fashioned spreadsheets to present the results for numbers of  Twitter followers as a constant, compared to […]

#Africa’s top 10 facebook junkies

As 2014 comes to an end, here are top 10 African countries with highest social network numbers. We anticipate that Africa’s social network growths are going to be higher in 2015, assisted by increased access to smart phone devices, cheaper mobile data and faster bandwidth speed. To locate the countries simply place your curser on […]