How can companies thrive with Digital Marketing during the economic tough times?

Recession is upon us and that means we are facing a tough economic time, this means wallets get thinner and so do budgets. With digital marketing, companies get to not just survive during the recession but they get thrive! With digital marketing brands still get to reassure customers without spending unnecessary money. How? Keep reading… […]

The importance of colour psychology in marketing


Who could have thought that five basic colours can create a marketing language? That the colours have a level of influence on your targeted audience and how they receive your digital offering? These principles of the colour of psychology are more relevant and widely used by developers and designers.  Studies show that colour has an […]

eNitiate: Highlights of Socially (CSI)

CSI eNitiate

It is an honor to be closely involved when it comes to decision making where Corporate Social Investment is concerned. Fortunately, eNitiate is one of the organizations that are very passionate about empowering young black people. Socially (Corporate Social Investment) is not just another department or division of work the company does, but it’s very […]

The importance of communication in the workplace

enitiate.the importance of communication in the workplace

Communication is one of the most important elements, in business/ the workplace and in general. I think people often struggle when it comes to communicating, whether verbally or non-verbally. To be fair one’s communication skills improve over time as they talk more and learn new communication skills. Effective communication is very vital, especially in the […]

Jokes that spoil the fun for the sensitivity mob

Has social media made us lose our sense of humor? That is the question I find asking myself. It seems that you can no longer voice your point of view or opinion on social media anymore without hurting someone’s feelings. Have you ever found yourself beginning to type out a text message, a post or […]

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs in online marketing

Abraham Maslow , an American psychologist who was best known for creating Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, was of the idea that every man is motivated by five basic needs in his lifetime. The principle is simple. From the time you are born, you have needs that have to be met for your overall well-being. As you grow, needs […]