5 reasons why social media is important to SME’s

eNitiate | Tshepo the Jean Maker Feature Image | 29 August 2019

Social media can be a distraction, because you run the risk of dawdling. However, the same channel can be a source of business, if SME’s are on at the right time, follow Twitterers who are relevant to their business and track the right keywords.   Let me demonstrate what I mean   There I was, […]

Fashion photos that got tongues wagging at 14th MetroFM Awards

As part of our online tracking of #MMA14 – the 14th annual music awards by SABC’s Metro FM, we also kept tabs on fashion photos that got South Africa talking. [hiddenspellerror“=”” pre=”” data-mce-bogus=”1″>fashion-photos-that-got-toungues-wagging-at-14th-m” target=”_blank”>View the story “Fashion photos that got toungues wagging at 14th MetroFM Awards” on Storify]

Analysis of 25 influential #tweeps shows that more #Twitter followers = more #fakes

The simple truth about social networks is that we use them predominantly for saying something to someone who is hopefully not only listening, but will also find what we say interesting enough to want to share it with their other friends/followers/fans. In the Twitter context, Twitterers want to have followers who are real, attentive and responsive. The default […]