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South Africa: 4 Social Business 2015 predictions

  Our review of South Africa's social media 2014 trends clearly shows that the country was on a high. This phenomenal performance sets the tone for social business in 2015; given that many socially connected brands are commercial brands, and they track and analyse online mentions that are translated...

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Analytics is everything to a brand with online presence – Part 1

Whether yours is a commercial or personal brand, don't pass up the opportunity of applying many of the online tracking tools to monitor online presence. We always endeavour to discover the many free tools available on the Internet, and write about them in our eNiversity...

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Can Big Data transform a business?

Big Data is a topical trend. It offers new opportunities and challenges. Global big data projects will offer high value and return on investment (ROI) for businesses. It will also increase the demand for information management and security....

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