South African Political Climate has Changed Post 94

The South African political landscape has changed altogether and the days of a political party winning elections with 2 third majority are all gone. The new buzzword is government coalition. A political coalition is an agreement for cooperation between different political parties on a common political agenda.

A coalition government is formed when a political alliance comes to power, or when not a majority has not been reached and several parties must work together to govern. One can argue that a coalition government help to hold other political parties accountable for their actions.

The problem with a coalition government is instability because political parties have different agenda and sometimes is difficult to reach the common ground when it comes to issues and governance. The infighting of those parties it affects the service delivery and it leaves people with no basic necessities.

We can see the political shenanigans happening in the country especially in Nelson Mandela Bay, City Of Tshwane and City of Johannesburg were coalition government is at play and shaky. Every now and again there’s a vote for the motion of no confidence towards City Mayors of those cities.

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