Social Media Backs Dani Alves

Barcelona football club player Dani Alves caused a storm that worked in his favour after a racial incident that saw him hailed a hero and sparked social media activism for #NoToRacismInSport. 

Whilst the footballer was about to take a corner kick in Barcelona’s fixture against Villareal on April the 27th, a Villareal fan threw a banana on the pitch – a famous symbol for racism that means ‘people of colour are monkeys.’ 

Dani Alves proceeded to pick up the banana and ate it before delivering the corner kick. 

The Brazilian went on to score a goal and set-up 2 others.

What transpired after the incident has been pure social media storm:

While Alves’s humorous reaction poked  fun at the racism situation, the social media family quickly threw its weight behind him with messages of support and an anti-racism campaign started. 

See below for the tweets:

As can be, the banana incident sent “Alves” mentions into Twitter overdrive,

…and he (@DaniAlvesD2) benefitted handsomely as a result.

What can companies learn from this chance event that turned into a positive social media experience?

Remember the story about turning lemons into lemonade?

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