Social media trends and tools help the way Africa communicates

Social media trends and tools are changing the way Africa views communication. There’s  a new language in Africa, and it goes by the name of social media. Look at the latest Portland report on how Africa tweets to see where we are as a continent in terms of the predominant language for twitter in Africa. Looking at these stats there is a lot to be said about the way the African continent communicate as well as the subject matter we choose to engage in.



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Whether it’s a trending hashtag on Twitter, a like on Facebook or a share on Pinterest, social media trends, and digital communication tools in Africa in general, are being embraced for the positive. It comes as no surprise that Africa is embracing the digital media space, after all, Africans have a deep history of oral storytelling. By nature, Africans love to share and pass down information.

 Google Play gets ’emojinal’ for Africa


Emoji’s are the new internet slang, according to digital giant eMarketer. More and more content marketers are seeing the benefits of using emoji’s as part of their brand communication strategies. Has Africa caught up with the emoji trends? When Google Play Store launched emoji’s for Africa in February this year, Africans had yet another tool to use in telling the world about who they are. The Nigerian-inspired emoji’s may not represent the whole of Africa, but they are still a tool for us to display our uniqueness as African people.
Presently the Google Afro emoji app has about 50 characters, with the ability for users to add more via their Android devices. There is also a feature to customise your own texts on the app. Apple iPhone did not want to miss out on the African emoji action and launched their own Africa Emoji App. How far do you think Africa will take the emoji trend? Will it be possible to create emoji’s that represent the whole continent? Let us know your thoughts.


When Africa tweets, social media trends listen

Social media trends love Africa. Whether it’s a celebrity dropping racial bombs, or a musician putting Africa on blast for its fashion, the social media world can’t seem to get their fingers off Africa. But wait until Africa answers. Such was the case when CNN declared Kenya a “political hotbed” in July 2015 when US President Obama was visiting the East African country of his father’s birth. Kenyans on Twitter (or #KOT) led the twitter rampage against CNN, and “Tweeple” watched as CNN was trolled. #SomeoneTellCNN became the global trending hashtag, putting CNN at the centre of a twitter storm with memes and jokes.

When CNN reported….


‘Africa’ answered….

‘….very emphatically too

Notice the reach that a tweet by Chris Kirubi – Kenyan serial entrepreneur and top 22 Kenyan Twitterer by number of followers as at today – got?

When “#SomeonetellCNN” is looked up on Google, 28 000 search results come up! Kenya gave the world a lesson about made Africa trend while putting CNN on blast. Do you think ‘digital’ could be the new political platform? How can Africans use social media to start a continental socio-political movement? Tell us what you think.

You can also read about the twitter war between Ashish J Thakkar vs. Donald Trump – the presumptive GOP candidate for the November 2016 US presidential elections, where a South African-born businessman Thakkar, decided to respond to Donald Trump on behalf of Africa, by educating him on our continent.

With twitter launching the Gif feature on twitter  in early February of this year, communication on social media is going to get a whole lot more interesting. Create your own fun animated Gifs with these free Gif creating Apps for Android.

“Did you know? recognises the Swahili word JAMBO as a popular internet slang word”.

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