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Social media: what happens to your accounts when you pass away?

A post by Jojwayo Mrwebi, aptly titled:

Social media: what happens to your accounts when you pass away?

could not have been written at a better time, like it was a premonition of Vuyo Mbuli‘s passing almost a month after it (the post) was published. Vuyo, the veteran broadcaster who died at his prime 8 days ago now, grew his following by a further 8K posthumously.

In Joji’s post, he advises on what netizens must do to ensure their online personal brands are taken care of after they die.

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This got me thinking. We write wills in an attempt to ensure our loved ones are taken care of after we depart this earth – GOD forbid. In the same or similar light, it appears that netizens – especially those who use online media for personal branding – also need wills to guide posthumous branding on these new media. Read Jojwayo’s post by clicking on the link above, to discover how you can do this for your own online personal brand.

So, don’t leave it too late. Go ahead and do the wise thing.

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