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The danger of using social media when you are a child

The danger of your children may not comes as they walk in the road, things might get dangerous while they are inside the house. Be a parent who always knows the whereabouts of your children, especially about Social media and children


Social media makes life easy, so we can communicate and be in touch in some way, but it might be dangerous if we misuse it for our own things. Here are five ways social media can be dangerous to our children.


Oversharing sensitive information.

 As a child, you might not know the danger of sharing information with a stranger, and you might think you are helpful whereas the stranger is taking advantage of you as a kid. However, one of the most dangerous features on social networking sites is location-based services. It exposes your location and whereabouts, with impressive accuracy, which usually appears on your posts in real-time



 Social media is a dangerous platform not only for instigating or being a victim of cyberbullying but also for being a standby of the harassment. Top reasons people engage in cyberbullying is for fun, to embarrass others, to show off to friends, or to be considered “tough” by their peers. If parents educate their children about what cyberbullying is and how social media increases their chances of being bullied, children can more easily defend themselves or tell their situation to a parent or guardian that can help them.


Addiction to social media

A lot of children and teenagers suffer from self-esteem issues, thus looking into social media for approval and attention, It’s especially relevant in situations when children don’t receive enough support and communication from their parents or offline friends.


Comparing their lives and Social media Influencers.

 Pressure to project a ‘perfect’ life online is affecting the wellbeing of our children. I think Instagram is the worst because it’s not live, so you can change pictures once you have posted them and you can buy followers. This can create the idea that someone is perfect as they have loads of likes and followers, but that is not always the case.

Better teach our generation that Social media is not a way to live your life. Social media is just a way to communicate, not a way to compare our lives with or to others.

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