Has Social Media made us antisocial?

Are we antisocial since the invention of social media? Is it robbing us from the sacrament of the present moment?

I think so, in an era where social media was dubbed to make us more social I feel like we are less social beings.

I have witnessed so many situations where people are traveling together but glued to their phones, seemingly much more comfortable interacting with their devices than with each other.

What’s bizarre is in extreme situations where some people are tagging and communicating with each other using their mobile phones while sitting next to each other!

Is this what we now refer to as real-time?

Real-Time has shifted from physical to virtual connection.

Are holiday moments special only when they are captured on your phone?

We go on holiday with our loved ones and sometimes miss the intimate and once-in-a-lifetime moments because we are busy taking pictures for Instagram.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying don’t take pictures, or saying that I don’t take pictures myself.

But I think most moments don’t need to be captured to validate the special moment or that the moment or holiday did happen.

Antisocial moments

I often don’t get the whole idea of someone actively leaving their space to go and visit friends or go on a date and then get there to only be antisocial by being social on social media.

WOW! Does that even make sense?

Antisocial and social media in one sentence but the truth being told we engage more online than with the people around us.

Be more present

With social media having all its advantages, I have made a conscious decision to be more present in the moment, to never again let capturing the moment stop me from living in it.

There is so much depth in a moment than what one sees caught in a picture during that moment; a moment can validate how you feel about a person or how you are feeling in your present state.

Being social without social media

So in a nutshell, social media is great but become mindful and don’t let it consume you and rob you of real moments that not even a picture can completely tell the full story of how special of a moment you experience at that present moment.

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