The Importance of analyzing data from social media platforms


The importance of social media data

Tracking data is essential for helping you get better information from your social media campaigns, If you don’t track data, you will be wasting time on hits or miss type campaigns. Social media analytics is often the difference between success and failure for obtaining the results you want.


Analysing your followers: helps you know who your followers are following, this will help you understand what kind of things your followers are most to engage with, You can use the information you learn about your followers to make your business more customer friendly.


Analyze the reach and results of your posts: This is helpful in knowing what to post and what time to post. It’s important to know the impact of your posts is having on your social media. Your posts should attract your online audience, so they can reshare instead of just like your posts. You should ask yourself what’s driving your online audience to your social media page.



Identify influencers: Your influencers don’t have to be famous, they are people who are in your contact list, followers who are most to engage on your posts by resharing, liking and commenting. By engaging those followers, you are likely to boost your post without paid media.


Compare platforms: it helps to know which social media platform get most engagement rate so this identify which platforms work best for you. This way you can maximize your efforts on these sites.


Save time: You may have to save on social media analytics data and reduce costs by starting with your most important goals, by using social media insight to learn more about your target audience and using your performance data to improve your tactics over time.

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