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The social norm at this present day and age is that many customers take to Twitter to express their dissatisfaction about service delivery. Gone are those days when customers had to call the Brand Manager or Customer Service Manager in order to lodge a complaint. They simply take their phone, craft their feelings in 140 characters, share their post and depending on the virility of the post a brand’s reputation could be jeopardized. Therefore Twitter could be a great platform for a brand to build great relationships with their customers.

@Rbjacobs Hi. 2 questions: How do I change debit order on my profile? and how do i order an ebucks card?

— Akona Ndungane (@Akona1) March 11, 2014


Twitter has become a research tool for brands as opinions are constantly being shared leading to much needed and valuable insights. Most brands have mastered the art of social customer service by creating twitter accounts solely dedicated to customer complaints. In South Africa FNB is one such great example. FNB has a twitter account “Rb Jacobs (FNB Guy)” which personifies the brand putting a human persona to it. The “FNB guy” responds to customer complaints immediately and with helpful information.

I’ve got no access to my own money. @FNBSA has frozen my account without prior contact. Read about it – @Rbjacobs

@peterlehto Hi Peter, as per my FB response, please send me an email about this.

— RbJacobs (FNB Guy) (@Rbjacobs) March 11, 2014

— Peter Lehto (@peterlehto) March 11, 2014


Another great example of social customer service that caused waves last week regarding their response to a customer is Argos, a British catalogue merchant operating based in the UK and Ireland. A customer contacted their “Argos Helpers” twitter account which is their official customer service account asking when will they be getting some more PS4 in Mass Side, Manchester. Argos’ response was quirky and relatable to “BadMan” who claims to be “gangsta”. The tweet posts received more than 8000 retweeted. Argos not only gained respect from “BadMan” but also that of many other followers.


@Argos_Online YO wen u gettin da ps4 tings in moss side? Ain’t waitin no more. Plus da asian guy whu works dere got bare attitude #wasteman — Immy ‘BADMAN’ Bugti (@BadManBugti) March 8, 2014


@BadManBugti Safe badman, we gettin sum more PS4 tings in wivin da next week y’get me. Soz bout da attitude, probz avin a bad day yo. LD

— Argos Helpers (@ArgosHelpers) March 8, 2014

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