#SimpleTruth: Humans are more popular on social media

Some things are so obvious, but we humans are so oblivious of them. Let’s use the stats to make the point:

The key takeout is that humans have more appeal on social media than brands. The simple truth from this takeout is that social networks are a virtual version of water coolers, where netizens congregate to connect with their ilk and talk about common topics. Non-human brands do not fit this profile.

I know the simple truth above is  supposed to be a yawn, but social media practices by some non-human brands prove otherwise.

So what does this mean for your non-human brand? The key word is HUMANISE.

To answer the follow-up question – HOW,  here are options for non-human brands to consider.

  • Founders can greatly assist their brands by being active in their human capacity on social media. In doing so, the founders must deliberately link what they say with their brands. Sir Richard Branson does this expertly.



  • In the future, brands MUST consider including social media elements in the recruitment profiles of their CEO’s.



  • Brands that can be represented by human characters MUST seriously consider this option. FNB leads the way in this regard


  • A cherry on top is that brands can play on their names – like we did with our Twitter handle called @The_eNitiaters. As you will agree, this also helps to humanise our brand that is still young on Twitter.


The #SimpleTruth covered in this post is in line with the finding that netizens trust their friends more than they do brands.

The next post will focus on South African political leaders and their parties, given the last leg of national election campaigns before voting on May the 7th.

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