SEO Copywriting Trends for 2019

Search engine optimisation helps promote something online. 

You people want to find your great content. 

The ranking of your website is crucial to conversions. 

SEO is effective marketing, here are three SEO Copywriting trends for 2019.

SEO Copywriting trend 1: User Experience

SEO is no longer about writing a lot content and stuffing it with keywords. 

It’s about giving  what the search engine’s users want to see.

In the other words, your title must match the rest of your content. 

If the article manages to deliver such experience to many users, the search engine will  boost the rankings.

The goal is to deliver value! It’s about keeping the visitors on your page and not only about getting them there. 

You want your content to be read, and you can do that is by offering value.

SEO Copywriting trend 2: Long Content

When it comes to SEO size matters, the more words the better. 

Search engines want to direct its users to better quality, preferring in depth content so it  instantly answers the user’s needs.

Less browsing around and digging more through search engines, the visitor should find all the necessary details on your page. 

That’s the secret of effective SEO copywriting for 2019.

SEO Copywriting trend 3: Voice Search

You must know Siri, Alexa or OK Google! 

You just give your command and they search the web for you.  

People love voice search, the trend is getting bigger by the day. 

Less typing in search engines, more of asking and the software delivers the results.

Therefore, you have to include voice search in your SEO copywriting strategy. 

Words and sentences are not cut, so you want to include actual questions in your content. 

Think of something a voice search user would ask, and include those exact words in the article. 

Then, follow up with a great answer.

Read more on SEO Voice Search here

SEO copywriting gets more exciting by the day. 

The changes are a good thing, accept them as an opportunity for improvement.

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