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Have you always wondered how you measure against Nelson Mandela’s leadership qualities and values? There is a mobile app just for you, and it is called How Mandela Are You?. The title says it all. This app is quiz-based, and tests your political acumen, leadership skills, social conscience and quality of your character. Hints, tips and Madiba (Mandela’s clan name) quotes are shared with you along the way to keep you motivated. When you are done you get a score of up 100%, which can be shared with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

How Mandela Are You? app, which was conceived by Matchboxology of South Africa, can be downloaded on Android (Google Play) and  iTunes (American accounts only, unfortunately) for less than R10. Even a kota costs more than that these days.

You don’t have to wonder why it’s perfect timing to make noise about this new app now in July. Madiba’s 94th birthday celebrations move into high gear this coming weekend, and you will be required to give your 67 minutes worth of good back to humanity.

Paris Pitsilliddes, Director of  Strategy at Matchboxology, took time earlier this week to tell me more about How Mandela Are You? app in this video:


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