#SAMA19’s Twitter traffic was 40% less than #SAMA18

SAMA19 – the premier South African annual music awards event – and the country’s biggest performing arts awards event – got off to a slow tweeting start in its 19 edition this past Friday. The event ended on a high of over 16K tweet mentions last night.

<img src="SAMA19_Tweet_Trend.png" alt="SAMA19 Tweet Trend">
SAMA19 Tweet Trend (source: Topsy.com)

The event trended even in the US, as proof of its increasing global appeal.

SAMA19 Trending in the US
SAMA19 – Trending in the US (Source: Topsy.com)

Top celebrities had a lot to do with trending of SAMA19, as the top 5 tweets, based on virality, show.

<img src="SAMA19_Top_Tweets.png" alt="SAMA19 Top Tweets">
SAMA19 – Top 5 Tweets (Source: Topsy.com)

As can be seen from the top 5 SAMA19 tweets image above, @DJFreshSA had the most engagement of them all.

Here are the top 5 pictures shared on Twitter:

<img src="SAMA19_Top_5_Pics.png" alt="SAMA19 Top 5 Pics">
SAMA19 – Top 5 Pics (Source: Topsy.com)

Arguably, the highlight of the event was a picture of a performer with what looks like wet pants. The virality of this picture – at 609 – clearly shows that it got tongues wagging.

SAMA19 Pee Pic

Doctor Malinga’s performance also got its fairs share of mentions that got it to number 2 spot. His pose on the picture says it all.

SAMA19 Dr Malinga Pic

Toya Delazy, one of the most successful South African cross-over music artists, a SAMA19 winneri, added to the creative juices of someone who photoshopped and posted a photo of her grand father – Chief Mangosuthu Buthelezi – congratulating her. This pic made it to 3rd spot.

The usual suspect in the tweeting stakes, @KhayaDlanga, posted the 5th most viral SAMA19 pic.

There were also video tweets that added to the SAMA19 Twitter virality.

<img src="SAMA19_Top_3_Vids.png" alt="SAMA19 Top 3 Vids">
SAMA19 – Top 3 Vids (Source: Topsy.com)

Deservedly, Black Coffee’s video made it to the top of most mentioned SAMA19 videos.

Based on a sample of 694 tweet mentions, mobile is increasingly ruling Mzansi’s social engagements. Blackberry continues to be the preferred social device, contributing over 60% of the mentions. The second highest contributor was iPhone at a distant 8%. Most Twitterers seem to have been engaging directly on the Twitter platform – now that Tweetdeck mobile apps were shut down on May 7th, just days before the event. The second most used platform was Ubersocial.

<img src="SAMA19_Tweeting_Platforms.png" alt="SAMA19 Tweeting Platforms">
SAMA19 Tweeting Platforms Source: Tweetarchivist.com)

Having posted on SAMA18, it is worth mentioning that this year’s event achieved only 60% of last year’s Twitter mentions.

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In my observation, there was very limited media hype about SAMA19, compared to SAMA18. A desperate attempt was made in 2012 to use SAMA18 to redeem this prestigious event from the ghosts of the disastrous SAMA17. Thus, a lot of effort went into planning, supported by a healthy pre-event media budget. A cherry on SAMA18’s top was the appointment of a well-known South African Idols judge – Randall Abrahams – to run that edition, a job he did with great aplomb and phenomenal success.

Would the SAMA19 organisers and the sponsor – MTN – be happy that this year’s event did not reach the same social amplification levels as compared to SAMA18? I wonder what their social engagement objectives were, assuming there were any.


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