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Change is inevitable, and with change comes the responsibility and courage to adapt, as a brand. With all the latest tech and trends, not many brands can afford to remain stagnant, or they risk losing major business opportunities.

Kim Kardashian (West), is a name that echoes across the globe. Unfortunately, our first knowledge of Kim was not so great. However, over the years she has managed to completely transform her brand and take it to the next level i.e. by starring in a reality TV show and starting a Dash boutique that kept her in the limelight. Love her or hate her, but Kim Kardashian is a smart business woman who now has the world’s attention. It is evidently possible to reinvent your brand and rebuild your image. Stay current (relevant), remain distinct from others, and ensure that you are dominant in your space.


Kim is also a self-proclaimed selfie Queen, and has even gone as far as releasing a book called Selfish that contains images of herself  (Self-portraits known as selfies). Kim recently featured in the Super Bowl’s most watched TV commercial, for a T-Mobile ad. Here she demonstrates how to take the “perfect selfie” with the hashtag #KimsDataStash, insinuating that people should use all their data, instead of committing a “tragic” waste of unused data and should stay up-to-date with her fabulous life on social media. This was a smart advert and especially funny because Kim has millions of followers across all of her social media platforms (more than 20 million on each platform)- which ultimately makes her insinuations TRUE. This advert had a lot of people talking and was smart enough to have a digital call-to-action which led people to T-mobile’s website.

So far, Kim K’s ad has about 12 million views. Have a look at Kim’s Super Bowl ad below.


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