The digital momentum post 1976

The brand of every country is invested in its youth, as they are the custodians and future leaders who will direct the country either to sham or greatness. It is currently youth month in South Africa, the big question is, is it an exciting or depressing era for the youth in the young adult (21) years of democracy?


A brief trip down memory lane

Let us run through the gravels and tars of history the youth of this country walked on years ago. The month of June commemorations was given birth by the 1976 uprising, where a unit of young people flooded the streets of Soweto to fight against racial injustices. Their main objective was to do away with English and Afrikaans as a medium of education, which helped retain our identity and culture. It is through their struggle that today we have as many opportunities as we do. And a freedom to breathe with ease, to explore without fear and be creative without limits. Their goal was achieved, even though one too many lives were lost, but all we can say is “Salute” to them. Our gratitude to their cause cannot be computed in any sum or emotion found in this world, their contribution was invaluable.


How do we change our struggle?

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The struggle will never end as we are always seeking better things in life, but we can make it a struggle of growth and great prospects. We ought to be in a struggle for innovation as it is the only way we can reduce the unemployment rate and gain financial freedom.

Today’s world exposes us to technology, which brings with it resources such as the internet also known as  “the enabler”. The internet  gives us the opportunity to explore the world through our intellect. Social media  being the most used in our day and age, is a platform that should influence our thinking capacity and encourage innovation, thus effect growth. Opportunities are at our finger tips, we just need to look a little harder and be able to put some work to improve the livelihood of the South African youth and the future generations.

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It’s all up to us (The Will and The action). “Be the change you want to see in the world” -Mahatma Ghandi


Generation now

Today’s youth create personal profiles via social platforms to express themselves on a daily basis, with platforms like Facebook and Twitter that encourage their users to always express themselves, their daily mood, beliefs, or what they are doing, thus creating common ground for a chain of engagement between users.  There is no doubt in my mind that the development of these platforms plays a huge and important part in how the youth of today are perceived. Through this the world of analytics has been made easier. A path for the youth to express and understand themselves and fulfill their roles as the future of this country exists.

Are the youth of today developing differently than the then pre-digital youth? Yes. Development projects are there and encourage the youth to own and claim their right to decent health facilities, education and working conditions. With this armour they become a powerful force for economic development and positive change.


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