Podcasting is Rising, and Broadcasting is Dwindling


Four years ago no one knew what Podcasts are about until Gareth Cliff and his business partner Rina Bromberg introduced it on their platform CliffCentral, an online streaming radio station. To someone who doesn’t know what Podcast are all about, Podcasting is changing the game because it’s all about authentic storytelling and you can tell or spot a fake if someone is not genuine about their content or messaging.  With the launch of CliffCentral four years ago, South African terrestrial radio stations are catching up with the vibe of podcasting.


The traditional radio stations have pressure to evolve because the millennials no longer listen or consume news on the radio but through an on-demand podcast.


Two major commercial radio stations, Jacaranda FM through their holding company Kagiso Media and Primedia have launched their podcast resource. l would assume the aim to launch some of these Podcast platforms is to tap into the advertising pool and to educate  advertisers on other ways or platforms to spend their sales revenue because a Podcast can be tailored to suit – ones target market.



I think slowly Broadcasting will be replaced by Podcasting because brands now want to target their potential customers.


According to technology news website Tech Central, the South African government under the department of communications is  paying more attention to the digital space by introducing legislative law and rules to regulate online streaming services. It comes after communications Minister Nomvula Mokonyane said on Monday 25 June 2018 said that that she would issue a policy directive to the regulator, ICASA , in the next few weeks to pave the way for the development of a licensing framework.


So far we have four prominent online streaming radio stations that are ahead of the game, which includes CliffCentral, TransAfrica Radio, Massiv Metro and Touch HD.


Despite the new development in radio landscape, some brands are still reluctant to buy advertising space on these platforms. However, with time the situation will change as some people become early adopters of technology.



SA moves closer to commercial launch of digital radio

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